Sonic Revolution 2022 in California has passed. This is an archived page. Join our public Discord server to get the latest news about upcoming Sonic Revolution conventions.

Sonic Revolution will be hosting a cosplay contest and raffle! Both contests will be Sept 11 during the convention. Win a cool prize!

Cosplay Contest

To join the cosplay contest, simply fill out the signup sheet at the entry door on the day of Sonic Revolution. Contest entrants will meet at a to-be-determined designated location 30 minutes prior to review how the contest will commence. Cosplayers will then walk across the stage to display their cosplays and the judges will then decide on the winners.


The raffle will be at 5PM PST/convention time. All convention attendees will receive a raffle ticket at the door when checking in, so just make sure you're present around 5PM for the number reading to see if your ticket number matches! If you have the matching number, you win the raffle!