Forget those rusty robots roaming around Green Hill Zone, folks! The hottest show in town ain't a race against that blue blur, it's Eggman Revolution's Panels! Sparked by yours truly back in 2022, I figured a few talks during R Show's downtime wouldn't hurt. But boy, did it explode! Dozens of panels, voice actors galore, even interviews with special guests – all spun into a web of pure fun, Eggman-style! We share knowledge, crack jokes, and chat with the best of the Empire about their egg-cellent projects and passions. So ditch the Chili Dogs and tune in, 'cause these panels are the real revolution brewing!

On these panels, we all  have a bunch of fun! There's so much shenanigans, laughs, teasing, and roasting! Here's a non-comprehensive list of topics to give you a better idea of what goes on:


We’re always happy to consider more help! Please message Kevin in the public Discord server to discuss how you want to help.

Cashlin Snow is the CD (casting director). Many roles are filled. However, any available roles are listed further down via button link on this page. There are instructions there on how to audition. Please follow the instructions to be considered. Though we have fun on these panels, we also maintain a bit of a strict, professional order so the many pieces fit together well.

Certainly! We have a channel in our public Discord server just for suggestions! Please join the server to submit your suggestions. We don’t take suggestions in any other place.

No. While panelists are allowed and encouraged to post links to their social spaces, links to other things they’ve done or are involved in, and to talk about their work, no panel’s sole purpose is only for a panelist to promote and recruit people.

The only way to find out is to ask Kevin! As Kevin’s mainly in charge, panel ideas are discussed and approved through him.

Yes they are. We strictly maintain a G/PG type environment. There is a bit of leeway of interpretation for some things, but the audience is reminded regularly at panels that we have a family-friendly environment. Inappropriate behavior of any kind, breaking rules, or making people uncomfortable will be addressed by moderators. We promote a safe, fun environment for everyone.

Kevin is the lead for the Sonic Revo Panels. Cashlin Snow is the CD (Casting Director). We also have moderators that help keep order. For questions regarding panels and such, please address them to Kevin.

The Sonic R Panels are 1-2 hour Discord Stage shows featuring one or more VAs, or a special guest (or guests). Guests don’t need to be “big shot celebrities”, as are (often) featured on The Sonic R Show. We just love to chat with anyone who has something going on with Sonic: artists, animators, writers, voice actors, singers, streamers, etc. The possibilities are near limitless!


Our team ensure these fun panels are run smoothly. Thanks everyone!

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Event Coordinator
SR Staff
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SR Staff
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Dani Phantom

Sonic R Staff
Sonic R Chat Moderator

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Dust in the Wind

Sonic R Staff
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Andrew Hamblin

Casting Director
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Casting Director
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Voice Actor

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The Ultimate Voice Actor

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Chaos of the Protectors

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Voice Actor


Our talented VA team is always growing! Roles listed here have at least a main voice actor cast for them. The directing team will open roles for auditions at their discretion. Casting announcements will be posted in the Revolution Discord server. Please steer your questions regarding voicing and auditioning to the directing team in Discord.


Amy, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, Tangle, Whisper, Jewel


Movie Sonic, Movie Tails, Movie Knuckles, Movie Shadow


Boom Amy, Boom Knuckles, Boom Sonic, Sticks, Boom Tails, Boom Shadow


E-123 Omega, Rouge, Shadow


Blaze, MarineSilver


Charmy, Espio, Mighty, Ray, Vector


Cream, Maria, Tikal, Vanilla


Antoine, Bunnie, Nicole, Sally, Rotor


Jet, Storm, Wave


Queen Aleena, Manic, Sonia


Black Doom, Boom Eggman, Cubot, Dave the Intern, Eggman, Eggman Nega, Fang the Sniper, Fiona Fox, Infinite, Kit, Mephiles, Metal Sonic, Orbot, Rosy the Rascal, Scourge, Surge, Dr. Starline


Belle, Cosmo, Gerald Robotnik, Big the Cat, Honey the Cat, Omochao