Please find answers to the most common questions conerning Sonic Revolution here. If your question isn't answered, please send us an email or join our public Discord server to ask staff.


No. You will need to take your own COVID test. If you need an at-home COVID test, you can order a free kit containing 8 tests here.

Yes. Masks will be provided for attendees who do not have one.

No. You must keep your mask on at all times while taking a photo with other attendees or guests.

No. Wearing a face shield without a mask is not approved. If you are unable to wear a mask due to a medical concern, we recommend that you not attend Sonic Revolution 2022 in person and instead attend Sonic Revolution 2022 online on October 29th an 30th.

If you have bought a ticket to Sonic Revolution 2022 and test positive 72 hours before the event, Email us with proof of your positive test result and we will refund your ticket.


Sonic Revolution is a Sonic the Hedgehog convention in the United States, hosting both professionals and Content Creators in the Sonic franchise!

Absolutely! If you would like to volunteer for Sonic Revolution (either convention), you can fill out our volunteer form. In-person convention volunteer applications close July 30th. Online convention volunteer applications close September 30th.

Please see our in-person COVID-19 policies page regarding COVID-19. As our online convention is all digital, COVID-19 policies apply very little.

We were accepting applications for both our 2022 in-person convention in California and our online convention, but both online and in-person applications are closed for 2022. For the in-person convention, applications closed June 30th. For the online convention, applications closed July 30th.

We feature both industry guests as well as content creators!

Nope! Both online and in-person convention vending has no fee.

Tickets are $10.99 to the in-person convention. The online convention is free to attend!

Sonic Revolution hosts both an in-person and online convention at different times during the year. Our online convention takes place in California and our online convention takes place in a special convention Discord server.


Yes. Especially since Revo isn’t able to provide on-site COVID testing, all guests must wear a mask at all times when on convention premises. We want to promote a safe, inclusive environment for everyone. Please see our COVID-19 policies for full mask details. Certain mask types are not accepted.

Yes. Security will be provided.

Sonic Revolution personally doesn’t provide, endorse, or work with hotels, but you can check our Location & Accommodations page for hotel suggestions.

The convention runs from 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time.

For 2022, Sonic Revolution will be taking place at the Montebello Ballroom located at 104 S 10th St, Montebello, CA 90640.


We understand that not everyone is able to travel to our in person convention, so we want to bring the experience of Sonic Revolution online for fans from all around the world can come and attend the event! Since starting an online convention, the convention has grown exponentially every year! We can’t ignore how an online convention makes it possible for Sonic fans all over the world to come together.

Yes! We will have panels streamed through our Twitch channel.

The 2022 online convention will be taking place over two days on October 29th and 30th from 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time.

Sonic Revolution’s online convention is always hosted through a special convention Discord server. We host a new convention Discord server for every convention. An invite will be provided for people to register and join the convention server the day before the event. To ensure oyu don’t miss the convention server invite, follow our Twitter or join our permanent, public Discord server and wait for the server-wide announcement. Simple as that!