Sonic Revolution thanks our 2022 team for all their support and time!


He's done so many things, there's too much to list here! But, for 2022, namely coordination for events, panelists, vendors, and artist.

Emi Jones

Huge Supporter of Sonic Revolution and Guest Connections!

Shimshon the Gadite

For designing Sonic Revolution's 2022 logo!


Part of our 2022 Twitter Team.

Ally D.
Part of our 2022 Twitter Team.
Without all of you, things around here would be chaotic!
Cashlin Snow

Website design, production, & administration.


For the design of our 2022 Invite Graphic, stars & confetti graphics, and other graphical work.

Movie Sonic, Movie Tails, and Movie Knuckles artwork on the website & associated 11x17" posters.
Part of our 2022 convention Photography and Twitter Team, graphic designer, and huge help in the creation of VA panel promo graphics!
Our Voice Actors

Ongoing, for all their panel ideas to make things fun in Discord!