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Aoii91 is an artist who loves to draw, make music, and voice-act. In her free time, she likes to experiment with different art styles and create cafe-styled covers that revolve around her unconditional love for the Sonic franchise. She has collaborated with different Youtube content creators throughout her time in the community; she is mostly known for providing the voice of Amy Rose for the Sasso Studios Youtube channel from time to time. Aoi is currently studying animation and is on target to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Animation/Intermedia this coming fall. Once she graduates, she aims to continue her education or enter the industry right away. Aoi also speaks Japanese and wants to keep building upon her language fluency among other skills. If you visit her table, be on the lookout for a “talking” pink hedgehog; you can’t miss her!

aoii91 Sonic & Amy Fun Artwork aoii91 Sonic Fun Scenes Compilation Artwork aoii91 Sonic Wisps Artwork

TheChaosSpirit and Mr. Pasquale

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TheChaosSpirit, otherwise known as Cess, is a freelance illustrator and variety streamer from Houston, Texas who creates content for multiple franchises, but has a special love for the Sonic the hedgehog series! Typically portraying herself with her VTUBER avatar, she streams Sonic, Nintendo and other games on her twitch channel often on her off time- particularly sonic adventure 2, her favorite Sonic game. But she spends the majority of her time working as a full time artist. She's worked for and collaborated with many creators and influencers from in and out of the Sonic community and takes special interest in creating cute, small merchandise on her etsy shop and at conventions like Sonic Revolution, both online and in person!

TheChaosSpirit Chao Print Art TheChaosSpirit Sonic Cast Print TheChaosSpirit Super Sonic Print

Mr. Pasquale

Mr. Pasquale, or Alex, if you have a hard time pronouncing it (we know you do), is a content creator on Youtube and Twitter that creates memes, edits, and funny YTP styled content. He has over 50k subscribers and has recently gotten into doing lets-play style playthroughs as well as discussion videos on his Youtube channel, on top of his regular content. He typically makes video game themed videos that are mainly centered around the Sonic the hedgehog series. He also works on the side as a freelance video editor for different content creators, most notably for Saltydkdan. And before you ask, his favorite Sonic game is also Sonic Adventure 2. That's why these two got married.

JovialNightz and Phoenix

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Jovi is a designer by day, artist by night. She's been drawing and helping in the Sonic community for over a decade. In 2017, she started the Sonic Artist Meetup, which later became Chaos Creators: Sonic Arts Festival. From hosting events, to drawing, to helping with Sonic events across the US, catch Jovi if you can bouncing her energy across the community.


Phoenix is a community member specializing in Event Coordination, Project Management, and Logistics. She has over half a decade of Event Organization and Coordination as well as a decade of experience being immersed in project management. She spent a lot of her earlier years focusing on executive production overseeing quality on collaborative projects within the Sonic Community. In her more recent years she has focused on working operations for multiple Sonic and Non-Sonic Conventions, Events, Online and Offline such as Chaos Creators TX.

Hannah Haddock

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Hannah Haddock is currently a freelance illustrator, looking forward to someday working in the animation industry. An interdisciplinary artist, she never shies from trying new things and putting her best foot forward. Growing up in SoCal, Hannah enjoys surfing, reading, listening to music, and of course lots of sketching. Some of her biggest inspirations include Rebecca Sugar, Max Fleischer, James Baxter, Hayao Miyazaki, Shigeru Miyamoto, and David Bowie. Her favorite character of all time is Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the first characters that inspired her to start drawing.

Hannah Haddock Sonic sticker Hannah Haddock Sonic sticker Hannah Haddock Sonic Jumping Sky Print

MimiiPyon and Toast

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Mimiipyon, also known as Pyon/Pepon, is a Digital Sonic Fanartist and Part time Vtuber. She enjoys making people laugh with her art by making a lot of Sonic "meme" drawings, but at times still makes room for more serious pieces. As a Sonic Vtuber, she enjoys showing her art progress to others and loves meeting new sonic fans. Don't let her cute artwork fool you!

Movie Sonic Art by MimiPyon Classic Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, & Amy Art by MimiPyon Amy Cupid Art by MimiPyon


Chris aka Toast is MimiiPyon's partner in crime. Toast provides voices for Pyon's meme comics, and also posts entertaining videos of his own to Twitter. Toast loves to support his partner and friends in their goals, and in his free time he practices circuit racing on tracks around Texas.


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SupaSilver is a resin Crafter and Traditional sonic artist who’s been drawing Sonic since 2004. She was first introduced to Sonic when she first played Sonic Adventure on GameCube at her cousin’s house in the early 2000’s. Ever since then, her life changed into a creative and artistic hobby. Her favorite inspired character is Silver the Hedgehog and still loves him till this very day! She enjoys experimenting, being creative, and making unique sonic art of all mixed media alike. She was also known for her art on deviant Art back in the 2010’s actively creating all types of Sonic art, comics, and scenarios. She likes inspiring others and hopes to share her art with the sonic community as an artist this fall. This will be her first ‘in-person’ convention as an artist at Artist Alley. She’s very excited to meet other Sonic fans and hopes they enjoy what surprises she has in the works at her table!

SupaSilver Silver & Walle Gardening SupaSilver Charms and Stickers SupaSilver And & the Gingerbread House