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Jovialnightz - Chaos Creators

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Chaos Creators LogoJovi is a designer by day, artist by night. She's been drawing and helping in the Sonic community for over a decade. In 2017, she started the Sonic Artist Meetup, which later became Chaos Creators: Sonic Arts Festival. From hosting events, to drawing, to helping with Sonic events across the US, catch Jovi if you can bouncing her energy across the community. CHAOS CREATORS WEBSITE.

Kori-Maru - Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Remix

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Logo for Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam RemixKori-Maru (Patrick) is an avid SEGA fan since the 90s with a strong passion of the company's line of video games and history. He is a contributing writer and convention correspondent for SEGAbits covering SEGA news online and in-person. He is also the event director for Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam, an fan video game event that celebrates all things SEGA, and is a content creator on YouTube, most notably the SEGA Lores series, a mini-documentary series covering various SEGA character backstories and concept development. MAIN WEBSITE.