Christian "Kris" Dobbins

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Christian "Kris" Dobbins is a freelance illustrator and character animator/designer in the animation industry. Kris enjoys working with stylish and unique characters and loves animating the little subtleties to help bring them to life. They are a lifelong Sonic the Hedgehog fan and have spent the past several years creating Sonic art in the hopes of achieving their personal dream one day. Kris also co-hosts Sonic Podcast Adventure with their friend Sean Aitchison. Kris's work can be found on

Sonic on a snowboard, by Christian Dobbins Eggman, Sonic, and Tails, by Christian Dobbins Eggman, Sage, and Metal Sonic, by Christian Dobbins

Domestic Maid

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Domestic is an artist that draws as a hobby on the side. Growing up with cartoon shows, video games, art, along with animation, has inspired Domestic to draw and fill her artwork with bright colors that can represent a positive feeling towards the art or simply doodle comics for laugh and entertainment. In addition, she has also participated in several collaboration projects such as reanimates, working with Tails and Sonic Pals channel, and collaborating to a Sonic Zine project for charity. Currently working on a side project for Domestic the Maid branding in the future to strive for a successful content creator in the near future!


Mike Darklighter

Mike Darklighter is an animator using Source Filmmaker to make videos based on Sonic The Hedgehog. His animations often revolve around Tails, Fiona Fox and the classic versions of Sonic and friends. Current and future projects include Fiona's Saga, another treasure hunting series featuring Rouge and Fiona, and reanimations based on the game Freedom Planet. He is currently learning Blender using his fan character, Shea the Ferret.


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Rachel Hope, aka OcaRockaRina, has been two things since birth: an artist and a gamer. While her all-time favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (hence the screen name), the Sonic series is one of the nearest and dearest to her heart. She first became familiar with the hedgehog as a kid in the 90’s through Sonic 3 and the cartoons, but Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is what cemented her status as a diehard fan. While she is always working on honing her own unique artistic flair, she also enjoys mimicking official art styles as an homage to the huge array of talented people who have worked on the series. Since 2023’s convention, she has partnered up with several beloved voice actors from the series, including Ryan Drummond, Lisa Ortiz, David Humphrey and Scott Dreier, to make exclusive art prints and keychains which can be found at their tables. Her work has even gained recognition and praise from the very man who created and designed the hedgehog himself, Naoto Ohshima.


SaBasse is freelance illustrator from Oklahoma. If you are an anime convention goer, it's likely your paths may have crossed before in Artist Alley. Her love of drawing Sonic, Cartoons, and Anime Art gave her the drive to become a full-time convention artist in the US. She brings a wide range of fan merch she can't wait to share with you all soon!

Sammy Tighe

Sammy Tighe is a freelance digital artist in the online gaming community. He is known for working with YouTube and Twitch content creators and his personal work includes fanart of Sonic and Nintendo. He is at the show to sell fanart and promote his work, and to help promote Victor McKnight's "Until The End" album (Cover B illustration done by Sammy, debuting at Sonic Revolution this year)


SEGAMew is a long time artist and mega fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for nearly three decades. She has contributed to the fan community from fan comics to fan films. In addition she also runs the store "Hidden Palace Games". She actively travels the country selling licensed video game/Japanese collectibles as well as products featuring her artwork. Feel free to follow her Instagram and Twitter @segamew.

Snaggy Peets

SNAGGYPEETS is a Canadian Freelancer who loves Sonic and pastel colors. From them you will find apparel, plush pillows, stickers and charms and handmade Tuft Rugs. Stop on by and say hi! They don't bite...hard~


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Andy, known as Sombaholic, is an artist that makes merch based on video games and anime. Well known at events as the vendor who offers high quality Sonic inspired merch. She also works with Solbliminal, who helps her with recommending and creating merch. She will be attending Sonic Revo the first time and is super excited to meet the Sonic Community. Her dream is to be a full time Merch maker in the future.

Sombaholic Sonic Characters Sombaholic Sonic Characters


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SupaSilver is a Resin Crafter and Traditional Sonic artist who's been drawing Sonic since 2004. She was first introduced to Sonic when she first played Sonic Adventure on GameCube at her cousin's house in the early 2000's. Ever since then, her life changed into a creative and artistic hobby. Her favorite inspired character is Silver the Hedgehog and still loves him till this very day! She enjoys experimenting, being creative, and making unique art of all kinds. She was also known for her art in Deviant Art back in the 2010's actively creating all types of Sonic art, comics, and scenarios. She likes inspiring others and hopes to continue sharing her art with the Sonic community as an artist. She's very excited to meet other Sonic fans and hopes they enjoy what surprises she has at her table!


SuperSparkey is an American freelance artist that has been creating Sonic art since the mid 2010's. Her content ranges from digital illustrations to traditional watercolor paintings. When not working part time, she enjoys streaming her works on Twitch or chatting in Discord with friends. You'll find her most active on her Twitter and Ko-Fi.


VSilver is a Texas-based artist who enjoys drawing robots, cartoons, and hedgehogs. Vibrant colors and cute packaging inspire their work. You can expect to see a range of chibi characters and their favorite villains. They can't wait to see you there!

Sophie Scruggs

Sophie Scruggs is an illustrator and designer, having worked for clients such as Neopets and Upper Deck. She is a cover artist for IDW comics for My Little Pony.