Forget those Summer of Sonic pretenses! This ain't no amateur backyard bash, but a revolution for the Eggman Empire! We're talkin' a global network of fan-fueled meetups, a glorious gathering of minds that stretches from Emerald Hill Zone to your local chili dog stand. So strap on your Eggman badges, mobilize your cohorts, and prepare to paint the world red – and black and yellow, of course! Together, we'll prove that the true power of Sonic belongs with the Eggman Empire!

Listen up, you blue blur-worshipping buffoons! While that spiky menace and his pals frolic at their fancy-pants "Sonic Boom" shindig, us real Eggheads have been cookin' up somethin' far more magnificent! A fan-made extravaganza! We started small, sure, but now it's a supernova of awesome, proving you don't need SEGA's handouts to celebrate the fastest thing alive! We've got conventions run by passionate peeps, bursting with creativity that puts your precious Sonic Boom to shame! No need to cross oceans or beg for plane tickets – the revolution's right here, bub!

So, the time has come to crack those roboticized fists and shout it from the rooftops: VIVA LA REVOLUCION! We, the Eggheads, will show SEGA how a real party gets thrown! No more waiting for their crumbs, we'll bake our own Egg-quisite cake and savor every delicious bite! Mark my words, this little insurgency will grow into a roboticized tsunami, sweeping away their blue-bellied regime! Now, get out there and spread the word! Paint the streets with EGGMAN! Plaster every screen with EGGMAN! Until every corner of the world echoes with the glorious chant:


Eggman Revolution Staff

Bio image for staff member Sonic Remix

Shayne “Sonic Remix” Thames


Sonic Remix has been a Sonic fan for over 30 years. While a Sonic fan artist at heart, she is best known for her Sonic fan websites such as , , , and . She was the creator and founder of the first Sonic themed internet radio station, Sonic Radio, and has been known to once been the owner of , prior to transfer of the domain to the true Sonic Team. She is also known to help the Sonic community at large, and has done many things such as supplying TSSZ News with its first domain, hosting Sonic Stadium back in 2003, helped Sonic HQ, and is a financial producer of the Sonic fan film.

Lidice "Angelidia" Mendoza


A native of Southern California, Angelidia is a regular forum member of and has been a Sonic fan since 1991. She was a former staff member for Anime Expo for a couple of years before moving on to volunteering other anime conventions. Whenever she’s not playing video games, she enjoy watching anime and reading manga in her spare time. Also she’s an avid collector of merchandize ranging from CDs to anime figures to video games.

Kevin Staff Bio Logo


Panel Coordinator

Kevin has been a Sonic fan since 1991 and has been around the fan scene for nearly 25 years. He was a moderator and administrator of and volunteers for Sonic Revolution and Chaos Creators. (Wanting to volunteer for Sega and Sonic Fan Jam Remix in person event, but waiting for the form to open up)

Staff bio image for Liaserenityrose


Graphic Designer/Social Media Manager

Liaserenityrose has been a sonic fan since 2003 ever since watching the Sonic X Anime. She is currently the graphic designer and social media manager for the Sonic Revolution’s social media platforms, creating the graphic content which are: promo images for the sonic r show panels, promoting the in-person and online events of guest announcements and other content promoting both the in-person and online events for Sonic Revolution, as well as posting memes. She also loves to play video games as she hopes to one day work for a video game company as a graphic designer/social media manager and volunteering at Sonic Revolution will be one step closer to that goal.

Staff bio image for Josh Hodgeson

Josh Hodgeson

Digicon Head/PR & Social Media Manager/Panelist/Panel Host/Voice-Over Talent/Revo Replays Commentator/Chief Audio Engineer

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Josh Hodgeson is a Voice Actor, Singer, Audio Engineer/Producer, Content Creator, and Internet personality, best known in the Sonic community as the voice of Knuckles The Echidna in The Sonic & Knuckles Show, his work in Sonic Paradox, most notably the voice of Commander Buzz in Sonic Animated, and his work in Sonic Revolution, where he serves as Online Convention Head, PR & Social Media Manager, a recurring Panel Host/Panelist, the voice of Knuckles The Echidna/Boom Knuckles/Zavok, and Chief Audio Engineer/Producer for the Online Convention, and all online events. He's also worked with Chaos Creators, volunteering and hosting/co-hosting several panels for the 2022 Online Winter Festival, and has done voice work for several projects and clients in the Sonic Fan Community including Lord Beerus in CJ Destroyah’s "Sonic Movie: Godflex Mode", System509, and Adrenaline Dubs. He is also known for his frequent collaborations with YouTuber DarkBox/Speedy Blue/Ultra Core, where he voices Knuckles among numerous other characters.

Staff bio image for Chaos of the Protectors

Chaos of the Protectors

Sonic Revo Mod and PR & Social Media Manager

Heya, the name's Christopher Dominguez or Chris for short. I'm a Voice actor, Artist, Amateur Animator and Content Creator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I do voice work of Sonic Characters like Omega, Gemerl and many other characters, and I work as a Moderator and Social Media Manager at Sonic Revolution. And I do model work for people like Speedy Blue and sometimes Shadow759.