Ian Flynn

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Ian Flynn is a freelance writer best known for his 15+ year tenure on the Sonic Series. He's written for comics, cartoons and game material. He co-hosts a Q&A podcast, the BumbleKast, which usually tackles Sonic trivia. BumbleKing.com - personal website (portfolio, store). Ian will only be present for Revo Online on Oct 29th. 

Gigi Dutreix

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Gigi Dutreix is an IDW Sonic the hedgehog artist and writer for for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Additionally, is an inker for IDW Transformers. She has also done work for the tv shows Marvel's Hit Monkey and Archer as a background artist. Sonic Twitter Account.

Abigail Oz

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Oz is a digital illustrator and Sonic IDW Cover artist from Venezuela, who has been a Sonic fan since their childhood. Their interest in the villains of the franchise have made them to focus on creating fanart, animatics and comics about them, as well as participating on and hosting Fan Zines about the same topic.

Rouge and Knuckles fighting Soni's OCs at Pumpkin Hill IDW Issue Cover 58 with Tails


Pete Capella

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Pete Capella, the original voice of Silver the Hedgehog, has been a professional actor, improviser and storyteller since age 16; performing in over 3000 live shows and working in TV, film and voice over. In addition to the Sonic video games, Pete is the voice of multiple commercial campaigns, cartoons and Tanner Christensen in Most Popular Girls in School. Pete is also an accomplished producer and writer, as one half of Good Boy Treat Productions. When not focused on entertainment, he can be found surfing, painting, playing music or obsessing over his vinyl collection.


Adrenaline Dubs

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Adrenaline Dubs is a comic dub project with a high quality priority. Voice acting, sound design, video editing, you name it - all of the people behind this have something to bring to the team, and are committed to giving you that sure-fire rush of adrenaline. Right now, they're heavily focusing on the IDW and Archie comic series. Sometimes, they dub short-form comics by artists in the fandom - granted they get their blessings! On rarer occasions, they create some original content- entirely in-house!

With CallMeRyan, BlueSpeedMouse, 321pietime, abluemoon88, Techno Cinema, and GhostAnjo.

Jehtt & Izzy


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Jehtt is a YouTube creator who makes short-form gag dubs of Sonic games. His videos see Sonic and friends destroying Eggman's crypto mine, arguing about how to pronounce GIF, posting hot takes on Twitter, and more. With over 500,000 subscribers and millions of views across dozens of videos, it's no wonder that some people just call him "The Sonic Meme Guy." He's excited to meet fans at Sonic Revolution 2023!


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Izziibel, aka Izzy, is an online personality who focuses on creating content around Sonic the Hedgehog. She has hosted multiple creator events featured around the Blue Blur with some of the biggest creators in the scene such as Alpharad, Illymations, Drumsy, ScottFalco, SnapCube, and many more! She also dabbles in art and song covers, but she is mostly known for her voice work as Amy, Tails, and Charmy in Jehtt's Sonic parody videos. You can find her work on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter!

Izzy Sonic art examples

SonicSong182, OVAS, & ProjectSNT


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With over a decade in the online space, SonicSong182 and her team focuses on creating a sense of narrative in the Sonic Community. From her "Fun Friday" livestreams to the popular "Ask the Sonic Heroes" series, Kn and her team continue to create memorable moments between fans and their beloved Sonic characters.


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OVAS, aka. Omni Voice-Acting Studios, is a YouTube channel known for comic dubs and audio dramas lead by VoicesOfNathan, SparkyRaptor, Wolfblade93, and PCShnun. They cover a range of material from the "Sonic Channel 2021" shorts, stories of their D&D party, and their most well known series "Mew & Mewtwo". When not working on videos, the team can be found streaming on their Twitch channel. Often playing a video game or hosting their D&D campaigns on Tavern's Deep. While finding a home in OVAS, the voice actors have been known to collaborate and provide their talents to other creators including SonicSong182 and Adrenaline Dubs.

With PCShnun, Wolfblade93, SparkyRaptor and, and VoicesOfNathan

Drawloverlala: Sonic Comics [Comic Drama]

Cute Couples Get in Free [Sonic Channel 2021 March Story – Sonic X Amy]

Mew & Mewtwo by TC-96 COMPILATION #3 [Comic Drama Compilation]


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Courtney, a.k.a ProjectSNT, is known for making a variety of videos. Her most notable videos include showcasing old stories she wrote about her Sonic OC as a kid. Another popular series on her channel is "Sylveon Trolls," where a sassy Sylveon dishes out some spicy roasts for other Pokémon. There's also the Redesigning series, where Courtney takes a crack at redesigning the weirdest characters and bootlegs! On occasion she's even a Vtuber, playing roles such as a dimension-hopping Mary-Sue, a mad scientist with a Wisp pet, or even a worm on a string with magic powers!