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Emi Jones & Trey Nobles

Combined bio of Emi Jones and Trey Nobles

Emi Jones

Emi Jones is a singer and voice actress known for her Sonic song covers on her YouTube Channel "EmuEmi". She is also known as the Director, Co-Producer and Voice of Tails in the series "Sonic and Tails R"!

Sonic & Tails Art for Sonic & Tails R Sonic & Tails R Logo Tails, with Sonic and Knuckles Watching Him Art

Trey Nobles

Hey everyone! This is Trey. I’m a multi-instrumentalist. Composer. Writer and producer. I’ve worked as a session musician as well as be one of the main composers for Sonic and Tails R. I’m also a collector and a music enthusiast overall. You’re all amazing and thanks for listening.

Emi Jones: Believe in Myself feat. Trey Nobles
Wave Ocean Full Band Cover
Emi Jones: World With Me feat. Trey Nobles

Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock is one of New York's premier animation voice-over actors. Saturday morning cartoon viewers of Cartoon Network might recognize him as the voice of Dr. Eggman in Sonic Boom, and the Sonic the Hedgehog video games. Old-school viewers of FOX and The CW might recognize his voice as Meat in Ultimate Muscle:The Kinnikuman Legacy, the Mayor and Samo, the bartender, in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Garbageman on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dr. Eggman and Ella on Sonic X, Bigoriki in Gogoriki, and Langston Lickatoad in Viva Piñata. He's also been heard as Bonaparte in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX on Cartoon Network, the interim narrator in Pokémon, Beast in the Marvel Motion comic adaptation of Astonishing X-Men, and Adon in Berserk. Listen for him in several upcoming projects this year. Mike was also Sir Hardin Thicke on Howard Stern’s Master Tape Theater on Sirius XM Radio, as well as radio, TV and online commercials for Hooters, Pepsi, Focus Factor, SunSetter Retractable Awnings, No-Doz, Comcast, Burger King, AC/DC, Verizon, and promos for HBO International. He’s also the voice of several cute and cuddly animated plush toys, including “The Menacing Mummy,” for GUND. When he's not making funny voices, he also writes comedy bits and song parodies. Please visit his web site:

Gigi D.

Bio image for Gigi Dutreix

Gigi Dutreix is an IDW Sonic the hedgehog artist and writer for for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Additionally, is an inker for IDW Transformers. She has also done work for the tv shows Marvel's Hit Monkey and Archer as a background artist. Sonic Twitter Account.

Ian Flynn

Bio image for Ian Flynn

Ian Flynn is a freelance writer best known for his 15+ year tenure on the Sonic Series. He's written for comics, cartoons and game material. He co-hosts a Q&A podcast, the BumbleKast, which usually tackles Sonic trivia. - personal website (portfolio, store)

Content Creators

With Team182


With over a decade in the online space, SonicSong182 and her team focuses on creating a sense of narrative in the Sonic Community. From her "Fun Friday" livestreams to the popular "Ask the Sonic Heroes" series, Kn and her team continue to create memorable moments between fans and their beloved Sonic characters.


Bio image for OVAS

OVAS, aka. Omni Voice-Acting Studios, is a YouTube channel known for comic dubs and audio dramas lead by VoicesOfNathan, SparkyRaptor, Wolfblade93, and PCShnun. They cover a range of material from the "Sonic Channel 2021" shorts, stories of their D&D party, and their most well known series "Mew & Mewtwo". When not working on videos, the team can be found streaming on their Twitch channel. Often playing a video game or hosting their D&D campaigns on Tavern's Deep. While finding a home in OVAS, the voice actors have been known to collaborate and provide their talents to other creators including SonicSong182 and Adrenaline Dubs.

Drawloverlala: Sonic Comics [Comic Drama]
Cute Couples Get in Free [Sonic Channel 2021 March Story – Sonic X Amy]
Mew & Mewtwo by TC-96 COMPILATION #3 [Comic Drama Compilation]


Bio image for ProjectSNT

Courtney, a.k.a ProjectSNT, is known for making a variety of videos. Her most notable videos include showcasing old stories she wrote about her Sonic OC as a kid. Another popular series on her channel is "Sylveon Trolls," where a sassy Sylveon dishes out some spicy roasts for other Pokémon. There's also the Redesigning series, where Courtney takes a crack at redesigning the weirdest characters and bootlegs! On occasion she's even a Vtuber, playing roles such as a dimension-hopping Mary-Sue, a mad scientist with a Wisp pet, or even a worm on a string with magic powers!