We want everyone to have a good, healthy time at Sonic Revolution whether in-person or during our online convention! So, in addition to ensuring you all stretch, walk around, enjoy yourselves, chat with others, and stay hydrated and fed, please help us and help yourself by adhering to these convention policies.


Sonic Revolution takes creating a safe, fun environment seriously for everyone. We thoroughly investigate every reported incident of harassment, bullying, or other inappropriate behavior and will take any action as needed. Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Any form and expression of discrimination: sexual orientation, religious, disability, physical appearance, body, political, racial or national, gender (including gender identity and expression), or otherwise.
  2. Bullying, including abusive verbal comments, belittling, insulting, etc.
  3. Saying inappropriate things to other convention-goers, especially anything that's not safe for a G/family-friendly setting.
  4. Deliberately intimidating, stalking, etc anyone at the convention.
  5. Talking over and being disruptive in any social setting on convention grounds during the convention, casual or while attending panels.
  6. Soliciting or encouraging unwanted sexual attention.
  7. Encouraging any of the above-listed behavior.

Those proved to be harassing others will be banned from the convention and will not be able to return for the current convention.


  1. Please respect others. Use common sense and don't act in a manner you wouldn't want others to act towards you. Apply this to everyone!



Please let us know if you need us to adhere to any specific needs you may have to make your experience more enjoyable.

For our 2022 in-person convention, there are 2 entries at the Montebello ballroom. One entry has an accessibility elevator, but the other one has stairs. There are no other elevators at the convention space. So, please let us know if you need any assistance and we'll be happy to see what we can do!


For our online convention in Discord, still please let us know if you need us to assist you with any specific needs to make your experience more enjoyable. Online environments are limited in accommodating unique needs, but we're still always available if you need us!


Please report anyone who makes you or someone else unsafe or unwelcome as soon as you're able to our staff members. The sooner you report the situation, the better can address, investigate, and take any appropriate action to resolve the situation.

You can report incidents to any volunteer, staff member, or in the case of the online convention, moderators as well, during Sonic Revolution. We will handle the investigation with you in a confidential manner. For the online convention, these matters will be handled in private DMs. During the investigation, we may ask for possible proofs to your claim. During the online convention, such proofs may include screen shots, which channel the incident happened, timestamps, and other possible proofs for your claim.

Incidents that may involve or be caused by both or multiple parties from legitimate misunderstandings may result in staff talking with all involved parties in the same private space to clarify and resolve the incident.


If a volunteer or other staff member in Sonic Revolution makes you feel unsafe in any regard, please still reach out to another staff member to report the incident as you would with any other report. We don't give staff special passes or privileges for staff regarding their behavior. We will investigate the incident objectively and remove the staff member from the convention, if they're proven to have harassed anyone.


All incident reports are strictly confidential and may only be shared with other staff as needed if the circumstance warrants it. Incidents will be recorded in analog or digital (database) format to keep record of troublemakers, in order to keep future conventions safe.


Please follow this cosplay & dress code, which applies for all ages and all genders:

  1. Be fully clothed: shirt, shoes, etc.
  2. Clothing that depicts nudity, profanity, hate speech, adult content, sensitive topics/symbols/visuals, or clothing meant to antagonize any group or thing is not permitted. Just keep all clothing PG or safer. If it's not appropriate to wear around children, don't wear it at the convention.
  3. No clothing depicting military symbols, military uniforms, law enforcement agencies, government officials, religious figures, or any figure that's publicly controversial. Fictional uniforms and characters are fine, as long as it's obvious what it is and that it's fictional.
  4. No displaying weapons or props that look so realistic, that people think they're real.

For the online convention, people may be permitted to use their webcams in voice chat settings. In light of this, the above rules for cosplay & dress code are in effect, applying for all ages and genders.


To ensure you're safe and your privacy is respected, no Sonic Revolution staff will ever ask you for your real name, email, phone number, age, or any other personal information. We highly discourage you from sharing any such information with anyone, be it in-person or . If you think your privacy has been compromised and you're unsafe, please seek a staff member about it to explain what's going on.